Monday, June 23, 2008

mokugift rewards program

Today we launched the mokugift rewards program. It is an incentives service for businesses that want to give customers a meaningful and effective reward.

According to Performics, 83% of Americans would choose products and services with environmental benefits over non-environmental alternatives.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, 85% of Americans care about the environment. Mokugift rewards was designed to give businesses to reach more than just extremely 'green' segments. Commonly overlooked segments include the Conventionals and the Drifters. NMI defines these segments as:
  • DRIFTERS (25% of US population)—while their intentions may be good, DRIFTERS follow trends when it’s easy and affordable. They are currently quite engaged in green purchasing behaviors.
  • CONVENTIONALS (19% of US population)—pragmatists who embrace LOHAS behavior when they believe they can make a difference, but are primarily focused on being very careful with their resources and doing the “right” thing because it will save them money.
Explore mokugift rewards for your business.

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