Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great reviews about mokugift

We recently launched a 'frog' on BzzAgent's FrogPond service. It is a service that brings interesting sites in front of very social people that like to express their thoughts and feedback about products and services. We have noticed that some of the people on BzzAgent FrogPond are very articulate and thoughtful. We have received a very warm welcome on FrogPond and we have received some very tangible and actionable feedback. You see those changes in a few weeks.

Chaos Chronicles planted a tree in memory of her mother. We are honored that our service was chosen to help her celebrate the life of her mother.

Natasha on Soothie Ranch also wrote a great review about mokugift.

We try to keep up on all the blogs and twitters that cover mokugift. If we happened to miss you, we appologise. Please feel drop us a comment and we will check out your blog.

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