Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Features: Share the Inspiration

We are excited to announce that we have pushed out a few features that would let you inspire your friends easily and maximize your total positive impact to our beloved planet earth. UNEP's Billion Tree Champaign is calling for everyone globally to Plant a Tree each. To achieve this goal, inspiring others to plant is as important as planting a tree yourself. This is why we built these new features to help you inspire your friends.

Mokugift now shows the total number of people you inspired (3 degrees of friends) and the total number of trees planted by them. We also provide 4 tools for you to share the inspiration with friends (through which mokugift tracks how your inspiration spreads):

1) Adding Mokugift to your email signature

2) Adding mokugift widget onto your profile on

3) Adding mokugift widget to your blog

4) Telling your friends via email

To celebrate the friends that join you in planting trees, for the first tree that each of your inspired friends plants, you will get a free tree. This doubles your impact in the fight against global warming. For every 10 trees planted by people inspired by you (up to 3 degrees away), you will get a free tree. This will further increase your impact in the fight against global warming.

Get your tools and start inspiring our friends today: http://www.mokugift.com/user/inspire

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