Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hip hip and mokugift: Omar Offendum

The hip hop community is really starting to embrace the mission and message of mokugift. Omar Offendum, an up-and-coming hip hop artist, is on board with mokugift. Omar, doesn't just talk the talk. Environmentalism is a part of his life. Moreover, the symbolism of trees is relevant to his identity. I'll let Omar's quote speak for itself:
"I am an immigrant, I have nomadic ancestry, and I am constantly on tour promoting my music - so the idea of "putting down roots" in this world is quite compelling to say the least ... besides that, I love me some trees!"

Plant a tree with Omar here.
Check out Omar's upcoming shows here.

What we really like is that he customized his text to say 'Omar is under the influence of TREES - Plant One'. He has a way with words.

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